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  • We are top auto wrecking yards in the country
  • We often don't need a title for decommissioned vehicles
  • We pay the most for any type of junk car of any make and model

Looking For Wrecking Yards Near Me?

Are you looking for an easy and safe junkyard to sell your old vehicle? Are you tired of searching for “auto wrecking yards near me” with no result? The team at Kelly Junkyards can help. We are among the top auto wrecking yards in the country. Our extensive network of local junkyards allows us to offer the best prices to our customers. We can pick up your vehicle for free as well. Give us a call today to know what your used vehicle is worth.

The best part about dealing with Kelly Junkyards and no other “wrecking yards near me” is that we don't waste your time. We are among the few auto wrecking yards in town that is honest and straightforward. So, call your friendly neighborhood wrecking yard today and get a quote for that junk automobile.

Get Paid Honest Cash

Kelly Junkyards is a family owned and managed wrecking yard. We won't just offer a price and then go back on our word. We stick to the quote and make sure that we pay you as per our commitment. It can be deeply annoying to have to deal with unknown buyers that might come up when you search online for “wrecking yards near me.” It is vital to make the right decision so that you can have complete peace of mind. And we want to make that decision easy for you.

The team at Kelly Junkyards is psyched to offer the best rate for your old, damaged or second-hand vehicle. The car doesn't run? No problem! The engine is missing? Even better! (Actually no, but we don't mind.) We are here to give you the maximum payment by check or cash for your vehicle no matter the condition it is in. This is why we are considered the best auto wrecking yards in your area. You don't need to waste your time searching for other auto wrecking yards near me, when you have us to serve you.

Get a Free Quote from the Leading Auto Wrecking Yards Near Me

There are a lot of auto wrecking yards in the country and you may have a few nearby to your place as well. But will they offer you the best rate, the best service and timely payment by check or cash for your car? Will they stick to their commitment? Will the wrecking yard make your life easy and offer free pick-up? These are important questions to consider when you have a junk car for sale. The good news is that we will do all this and more for you.

We offer high quality service to all our customers. We will pick up or tow the vehicle for free. You don't need to bring it here to us at the wrecking yard. We will also offer you the maximum check payment or most cash for your car. Your search for “wrecking yards near me” or “auto wrecking yards near me” ends with us. Make your junk car for sale easier by simply giving us a call. We are available right now to give you the offer and the service you want.

Best Competitive Rates from a Top Auto Wrecking Yard

Many customers ask us how we can offer so much for junk cars. They are junk after all, right? The fact is we are one of the oldest auto wrecking yards in your area offering the best prices and quick payments by check or cash for cars. In fact, we have built an entire network of wrecking yards near me that allows us to offer the following:

  • Max cash for car - any car, in any condition
  • Free pickups and towing all across the country
  • Quick service
  • On spot payments

We can offer good money for your vehicle, because we know we can fetch a good amount for it. We will sell any car parts that are still useful and serviceable. We will sell the remaining car for its scrap metal. The difference of working with a leading wrecking yard like us is that we don't keep all the profits to ourselves. We like to share it with our customers. Hence, you get the great price point for your junk vehicle.

There may be several listings for auto wrecking yards near me, but there is only one Kelly Junkyards. We are the best wrecking yard in the country when it comes to offering pleasant service and the best rates for junk vehicles.

No Hidden Costs at Our Auto Wrecking Yards

There are a lot of auto wrecking yards near me that don't mind resorting to unscrupulous methods for making a quick buck. There are no hidden charges when you deal with Kelly Junkyards. We offer you a fair deal and never resort to lowballing. There are no price shocks when you come to one of our own auto wrecking yards. Why search for “wrecking yards near me” when you have Kelly Junkyards at your service.

The offer you receive during the quoting amount is the money you would get when we come to pick up the junk vehicle. You can choose to get paid in cash or check. We don't mind either. There are no hidden fees and no games. There is only hard, cold cash on the spot. It's as simple as that. The offer is based on the specifics you tell us about the junk car. There is not any reason for anything to change as long as you what you told us matches the car.

Still looking for 'auto wrecking yards near me?' Look no further! Kelly Junkyards is one of the best auto wrecking yards in the country. We are here to help you get the maximum value for your car.

Choose the Trusted Auto Wrecking Yards Near Me

Kelly Junkyards is available right now to give you the best rate for your used car. We offer same-day or next day pick up and fast payments in most cases. You can know what your old car is worth by calling at 877-345-3559 or using this online form.

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