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The Best Auto Salvage Yards Near Me

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  • Free pick-up and towing
  • Best price auto salvage for vehicles in all makes and models

Choose the Most Dependable Local Salvage Yards

Has your car stopped running? You think it would take more to fix it than what its actually worth? Is the transmission shot? Was it in a wrecking accident? Is the engine blown?

It is probably time for you to look for auto salvage yards near me if any of the above rings true. Why waste time and money repairing a car again and again when you can sell it for a really good price and probably buy a new one? In any case, you really don't want all that ton-and-a-half of metal, rubber, and flammable fluids sitting in your driveway rotting.

The longer you let it sit, the less likely it will be for salvage yards to buy it. You may get less money for it later than what the car is worth right now. In fact, you risk disease since small animals and pests would make it home. Its time you bid that favored mode of transportation goodbye and get a quote from Kelly Junkyards.

Your Neighborhood Salvage Yard

Kelly Junkyards has an extensive network of local salvage yards. We come to you. You don't need to worry about finding or dealing with tricky salvage yards. You can get the most out of selling your car if you deal directly with Kelly Junkyards. Unlike other car salvage yards, we don't ask our customers to pay for towing or sell the car for less than its worth.

Generally, auto salvage yards near me won't give you the best price. In fact, they won't even tell you what you can get for your vehicle unless you show it to them first. Of course, they won't pay for towing and they bet that you don't want to shell out another $100 in taking the car back and would settle for any offer that they make. This is not how things roll at Kelly Junkyards.

Get a Free Quote for Your Junk Car Now

You can know what your car is worth right now. Give us a call or use our online form. All we need is a few details, and BOOM we can tell you what your car is worth. You don't need to pay for towing as you would with other salvage yards near me. We take care of it all. If you accept our offer, we could be at your doorstep today at a time convenient to you. And, we will bring the cash or check ready for our guaranteed on-spot payment.

You would think that things cannot get better than this. But they do! Kelly Junkyards has one of the friendliest and politest staff in the industry. You would love doing business with us. Whether you have a single or a whole garage full of junk cars gathering dust, we want it. And, we want to make you richer while we are at it. Still want to search for “auto salvage near me?” Why don't you make it easy on yourself and get a quote from us?

Do You have Salvage Cars for Sale? Get Unbeatable Prices from Us!

Want to know what your junk car can fetch you? Get in touch with Kelly Junkyards. We are not called the country's original cash for cars for nothing. You don't need to waste time and money searching for car or tractor salvage yards. We are right here to help you get the best price in town. This is because we don't just deal with salvage cars for sale.

We also purchase gently used vehicles. So, if you sell us a high-quality vehicle with still serviceable parts, we won't offer junk car prices. Instead, we will determine the value of the car based on its make and model and current price and then give you a quote based on that. This is one of the advantages of dealing with Kelly Junkyards and not auto salvage yards near me.

Free Pick-up and Towing from the Leading Auto Salvage Yards Near Me

Most companies you find after googling “auto salvage near me” will ask you to get the car to their junkyard at your own expense. They will ask you to pay for towing expenses. However, when you deal with Kelly Junkyards, we take care of the towing. We will come to a location of your choice and pick up the vehicle without you having to pay anything extra. That's the fun of doing business with us and not local salvage yards.

Give Kelly Junkyards a call if you have cars or trucks salvage for sale. We will probably offer you a better rate than what you can get from other salvage yards. There is not much you can do when you pay for towing and get the car to the auto salvage yards. In fact, you are squarely on their turf and will probably have to accept any offer they throw your way.

You don't have to worry about this with Kelly Junkyards. We will give you a quote right now and honor it. Just make sure you tell us all the details about the car clearly. Sometimes, its better to work with the professionals when selling a salvage car.

Why Kelly Junkyards is the Best Car Salvage Yards?

You can sell damaged, wrecked, broken-down and salvage cars to Kelly Junkyards in a convenient, easy and fast way. These are a few reasons why we are better than most salvage yards:

  • We are a nationwide company with a dedicated network of local service providers. We can come wherever you are.
  • Kelly Junkyards offers guaranteed payments. You can bet that our quotes are one of the best in the industry. At least, it will be better than whatever you get from salvage yards near me. Get your no-obligation, guaranteed offer, fast.
  • We can buy everything from a Rolls Royce to a Prius and everything else in between.
  • You don't need to take our offer. However, it is going to be very difficult for you to leave it. That's our promise. The best part is that you haven't paid for the tow. So, even if you don't like the offer and want to walk away from it, you can! You are not stuck the way you would be if you deal with other salvage yards near me
  • Once you accept the offer, we move swiftly. We will pick up the car at a date, place and time convenient to you. And, we are always punctual. You don't need to worry about wasting your entire day for our crew to show up.

We can be at your doorstep by the evening if you accept our offer now. Know what your car is worth.

Get a Competitive Salvage Car Quote Today!

Kelly Junkyards has years of experience in the salvage car industry. Know what your old or used vehicle is worth right now, and make an informed choice for salvage cars for sale. You can call us at 877-345-3559 or simply fill out this online form and we will promptly get back to you.

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